To access the program, you can always simply go to https://masterwriter.com and click Login, but here is the link to the login page which we recommend bookmarking for easy access in the future: https://app.masterwriter.com/login/new?writer_type=2 Also, note that it is possible to create an icon on your desktop that will take you directly to our log in page for easy access. If you would like this, please email support@masterwriter.com, and provide the operating system your device is running on, and what web-browser you are using. If you also have a tablet or smart phone you would like to do this with, please provide what kind of tablet or smart phone you are using.
The songwriter and creative writer versions have the same tools and reference. The only notable differences are the order of dictionaries, Songs/Lyrics for songwriters, Projects/Text for creative writers, and the respective Info pages that reflect the different needs of the songwriter and the creative writer. Otherwise, the two programs are identical in terms of content and features.
You can do this within your account settings (tablets and computers only). Log in, click the profile icon at the top right of the window, click Subscription, and then click “Manage.” From here you can cancel your subscription. You can also cancel your subscription by emailing support@masterwriter.com or calling 1-866-848-8484. Also, note that after cancelation, you can continue to use the program for the remainder of your existing license.
MasterWriter is compatible on all devices, Mac and PC, and all tablets and smart phones, Android and iOS.
You can use the program on as many devices as you like. However, note that you can only use the program on one device at a time.
To view two versions side by side, open the versions tab, and click the three dots on a version that is not selected, then click “show.” This will present the two versions side by side.

Log in, click your profile icon at the top right of the window, then click “Help“. Here you will have access to all of our tutorial videos.

If you can not recall your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link from the Login page.

We offer a 90-day money back guarantee so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply email support@masterwriter.com or call 1-866-848-8484 to receive a full refund.

We are in the development stages of our app, but for now, you can access the program on all tablets and smart phones, by simply going to https://app.masterwriter.com/login/new?writer_type=2, and entering your log in credentials.

Log in, click your profile icon at the top right of the window, and click “Subscription”.
MasterWriter is a web-based program, and therefore internet access is required.
You will always have full access to your account even it has expired. However, once your account has expired, it will go into “Limited Mode” where the tools and dictionaries in the program will become disabled.
Our program auto-saves approximately every 20 seconds. If you wish to manually save when an edit is made, clicking on the save icon at the top right of the word processor will allow you to save instantly.
Yes, on your Song List page, click the Export button found at the top right of the window. From here you can select the lyric, version, and audio, you would like to export to your hard drive.

If you prefer to use your own word processor in conjunction with MasterWriter, then we recommend using MasterWriter in the “Dictionaries” mode (you can access the Dictionaries mode from the top of the screen on the List page). This will allow you to view our dictionaries in the full-screen mode. You can then shrink the program/window horizontally to a width that suits you, so that it will conveniently fit next to your word processor. On a computer, this will allow you to use both programs simultaneously side by side. Also note that you can copy and paste text to and from MasterWriter should you need to.

We only offer a monthly, a 1-year, and a 2-year license.
Our subsidiary company Songuard can be used to protect your copyrights at an affordable price. Please visit www.songuard.com to learn more.
I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but we no longer support MW 2.0. MW 2.0 is a 15 year old program, and as operating systems progressed, we started to see major issues appear in the program. The issues eventually went beyond our capabilities to fix. In 2018, we sent out three notifications to all MW 2.0 users that we could no longer provide technical support for version 2.0 after August 1st, 2018.

Since the release of 3.0, we have upgraded the program quite a bit, and now we just call it MasterWriter, but it is essentially version 4.0. As a MW 2.0 purchaser, you qualify for our 50% off discount.

If you have data in MW 2.0 you would like to preserve. Note that all you need is your MW 2.0 backup file in order to move all of your data from 2.0 to our current version. Have you created one of these backup files before? I assume you have since the program asks you to create one each time you close out of it. You can do a search on your computer for “masterwriter.backup” and the file will be in .zip format, and should be dated. Once you upgrade you will receive an emailed receipt which will also include how to import this file into the current version of MW.
Log in, click your profile icon at the top right of the window, and click Import. From here you will see Import instructions.
Email support@masterwriter.com providing your name, email and/or serial number tied to your MW 2.0 purchase, and we will provide you with your upgrade instructions.

In our latest redesign, we removed “Sketchpad” since this function was covered in our new added feature, Versions. Versions was created so you could have different versions of your song, however, you can also create a version titled “Sketchpad” and use it for ideas and sketches.
Having said this, any user who used Sketchpad previously will find their sketchpad work under versions. So, if you open a song in which you used the sketchpad, you will find this under versions.

To view two versions side by side, open the versions tab, and click on the three dots on a version that is not selected, and click “show.” This will present the two versions side by side like you had with Sketchpad.

Still have questions?