“MasterWriter is a game changer.”
David Foster, 16-Time Grammy Winner

Some of the world’s leading songwriters use MasterWriter

Rob Thomas

“Producers have Pro Tools. Writers have Word. Songwriters have MasterWriter.”

Rob Thomas – Grammy-Award Winning Songwriter and Artist

David Foster

“MasterWriter will not only help you write great songs, it will make you a better songwriter in the process.”

David Foster – 16-time Grammy Award Winning Songwriter and Producer

Trent Reznor

“MasterWriter has become my central hub for songwriting.”

Trent Reznor – Grammy and Oscar-winning Songwriter and Artist

rsz babyface1

“MasterWriter has become an essential tool in my songwriting process.”

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds – Grammy-Award winning songwriter, producer and artist


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What do our users have to say?

As a professional songwriter and musician, I have been using MasterWriter for over 5 years now as my primary songwriting platform because of its “all in one” bundle of features, eliminating the need to use multiple applications. MasterWriter’s thorough rhyme/phrase/dictionary/thesaurus features, the ability to create a master lyric sheet, along with the recording function and detailed song cataloging, make it convenient and reliable to where I can spend more of my time creating and writing!!

Edward, MasterWriter user since 2010

Truthfully, once I started using MasterWriter, my writing elevated to a whole new level.  The stronger songs led to various contest wins, including the 2014 grand prize country song in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting contest.  Better songs meant more publishers opened their doors, pro cowriters came calling, my songs were getting recorded by up and coming artists and some majors!!  It’s been a huge part of my song success.

Jonathan, MasterWriter user since 2012

Writing lyrics is HARD!  No one can get inside your head and effortlessly shape your half-sensed intuitions about life and relationships into lyrics that are eloquent, artful, and elegantly phrased.  But MasterWriter makes the process much easier by arming you with the words, phrases, rhythms and rhymes that make such expressiveness possible.  Thanks to MasterWriter, the quality of my lyrics has vastly improved since I acquired it over two years ago.

Eric, MasterWriter user since 2013

This program is probably the best tool for what I do that I’ve ever subscribed to.  I’ve written so many songs using MasterWriter and all the songs are archived in one place.  MasterWriter doesn’t write the songs for you, but it pushes your own imagination beyond what you previously thought was there…It’s simply put, the best program ever devised for any songwriter and I highly recommend it.

Larry, MasterWriter user since 2012

MasterWriter has been my confidence and security blanket in any and every writing session.  I’ve used MasterWriter on every song that I’ve written since it was released.  If someone I’m writing with never heard of MasterWriter, the next time we write, they have it.  In my opinion, this is the greatest tool ever invented for the songwriter.

Fred, MasterWriter user since 2009

MasterWriter is the best songwriting tool on the market.  With the newest version of MasterWriter being web-based, I have the power to edit, write and re-write whenever, wherever and on any of my several connected devices.  Remember that when I say write re-write, etc, that means any device is running the best writing software available today.  Pretty much indispensable.

Thomas, MasterWriter user since 2011

I was introduced to Master Writer by Pat Pattison, Lyric Writing professor at Berklee College of Music.  MasterWriter has become my best friend.  I open it at every writing session and apart from providing rhymes, synonyms, etc., it so often leads to new ideas.  I recommend it to every writer on the planet!

Vicki, MasterWriter user since 2010

Speaking for myself…I have used this program now for a few years…it’s simple to use, it is a huge time management tool…Why waste your time searching for verbs, nouns or rhymes?  It’s so easy to get stuck or hung up…the searches within the program are wonderful time-savers…I have used this program to write over 1000 poems or lyrics…And I’m not the world’s most organized guy either…you can use it at home on the computer or on the go with an iPad or phone…it’s ready to use when you are…love it!

Robby, MasterWriter user since 2013

MasterWriter has not only streamlined my writing process, but with all the built-in tools to inspire creativity, it has helped take my writing to the next level.  I highly recommend this product to anyone that writes songs.  If you are a professional songwriter or aspiring to become one, this is an absolute must have product.

David, MasterWriter user since 2014

This program is a “MUST” for serious writers.  I have had MasterWriter since it first came out!  I can’t tell you how many times MasterWriter has helped me through the hard times in putting together words, phrases and ideas while songwriting.  What a treat to have this type of help when you’re feeling inspired and just need some input to keep going … or when you really get stuck – instead of giving up … just boot it up … and voila!  Thank you guys so much!!!

Bobby Lee, MasterWriter user since 2005

MasterWriter is an essential tool for me.  The goodies that come along with it – the rhyming dictionary, cultural references, thesaurus, word families, etc. – make it so easy to do any research I need to do.  I don’t have to dig out my dictionary, rhyming dictionary and thesaurus.  They’re all right there online so I can access them from anywhere.  I love being able to jot down an idea on my phone and have it show up on my computer when I get back home.  I’m hooked on MasterWriter.

Andrea, MasterWriter user since 2011

I have used MasterWriter now for the last two years.  During that time, the application has continued to grow and add features that I have found very helpful.  Even though some of those features are available as third party programs, MasterWriter has made them all available in one place.  When my hard drive crashed and I had to get another computer, retrieving my files was a simple as logging in again!  I highly recommend MasterWriter to all my songwriting friends.

Rudy, MasterWriter user since 2015

The perfect tools right at your fingertips!  For rhyming, references, almost-rhymes, synonyms…whatever you are seeking to make your lyrics better, you will find in MasterWriter.  I could write songs without it, but I’d miss being able to search for the perfect word or cultural reference to bring striking images into my lyrics.  Thanks MasterWriter!

Marla, MasterWriter user since 2016
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