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"MasterWriter has become an essential tool in my songwriting process. This comprehensive, user-friendly program streamlines all aspects of the creative process. This is a great tool for all levels of songwriters. Writers Block? Solved within a few clicks! It’s really that simple. That is why I never write without MasterWriter."
Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds – Grammy-Award winning songwriter, producer and artist

"Producers have Pro Tools. Writers have Word. Songwriters have MasterWriter. The most convenient way to organize your thoughts that I've found. It's replaced my pen and paper."
Rob Thomas - Grammy-Award winning songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter is an absolute necessity for today's creative writer."
Bob Zemeckis, Oscar-winning Writer, Director, Producer

"MasterWriter will not only help you write great songs, it will make you a better songwriter in the process."
David Foster – 14-time Grammy-Award winning songwriter and producer

"MasterWriter has become my central hub for songwriting. It provides a variety of convenient tools and more importantly the ORGANIZATION my brain needs to focus on creating."
Trent Reznor – Grammy and Oscar winning songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter is a unique and invaluable collection of creative writing tools....It's the program the right side of the brain has been waiting for."
William Peter Blatty, Oscar-winning Writer, Director, Producer

"MasterWriter...My favorite co-writer and an absolute necessity for today's songwriter."
Jeffrey Steele – Hit songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter is like having a co-writer with a photographic memory."
Kenny Loggins – Grammy-Award winning songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter keeps your work organized and gives you access to a wide collection of creative tools including a comprehensive rhyming dictionary. It allows you to rewrite and make changes more quickly than ever before in history! It is a tool that fits the times we live in and is essential for the modern songwriter under pressure."
Jimmy Webb – Grammy-Award winning songwriter, Songwriters Hall of Fame

"Writing is re-writing and re-writing and re-writing. MasterWriter is the perfect tool for an impossible job. A decidedly functional helping hand in the dark."
Allan Folsom, Best Selling Author

"How in the world did I ever write without MasterWriter?"
Leon Russell – Hall of Fame hit songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter is a life-saver to me as well as being one of the most innovative programs created for writers today. It's a must have in my book!"
Lamont Dozier – Grammy-Award winning songwriter, Songwriters Hall of Fame

"MasterWriter is the's better than cheating."
Kid Rock – Award winning songwriter and artist.

"I love using MasterWriter. It is an important tool for me in my songwriting. It can even be inspiring."
Carole Bayer Sager – Grammy-Award winning songwriter

"I use Masterwriter as my go to lyric software every time I want to turn an idea into a song."
Steve Kipner – Hit songwriter and producer

"...this is a great kick-start...a shot of mental caffeine when you need it!!"
Andrew Frampton – Hit songwriter and producer

"MasterWriter has been a part of so many of the songs I have written in the past that I don't know what I would have done without it."
Harvey Mason Jr. - Grammy-Award Winning songwriter and producer

"MasterWriter is the best co-writer I work with.  It always has a great idea, a rhyme, a phrase, a definition and it never has writer's block!  It remembers all my melodies and keeps me completely organized.  It's by far the best songwriter tool on the market bar none!"
Frank Myers – Grammy-Award winning songwriter

"MasterWriter was a life saver when it came to writing the songs for my last CD. I spend hours on planes working in the air on lyrics while listening to the tracks in headphones. The rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, and phrases were all huge helps. I'd recommend MasterWriter for anyone who is writing songs. It's an invaluable tool I can't work without."
Don Felder – Hit Songwriter (Hotel California), former member of The Eagles

"MasterWriter is one of the first apps I put on any new computer. Love writing lyrics with it. Took it all around the world with me for 3 months when writing my latest album ‘Ellipse’. It’s a fabulous program. Keeps lyric writing fluid yet organized."
Imogen Heap – Grammy-Award winning songwriter and artist

"MasterWriter is simply the most effective songwriting tool there is. I used it for every song on my new album Glorious."
Paul Baloche – Hit songwriter and artist

"I started using MasterWriter in July of 2003. I write every day and I have not written a song without it since. Besides providing me with all the tools I need to write # 1 songs, it also keeps me organized. Creative people are notorious for being disorganized. In the last six and a half years I have not lost one lyric, song idea, work tape, groove or melody.
I use the best musicians in the world to record my songs. I record them in the best studios in the world with the world’s best engineers and I use the worlds best songwriting software, MasterWriter, to help me write them."
Kerry Kurt Phillips – Hit Songwriter